Housing in changed times

by | Oct 1, 2020

It has been a blessing in disguise for companies in terms of reduction in costs related to transporting, office rentals, and other associated overhead expenditures to tie over tough situations in times of corona.


It has pushed the developers to the drawing board to reorient their thinking process to design the homes that suit the changed realities. Up until now, what was construed to be a high-end possession has turned out to be a necessity for present times. The homes that we foresee for the immediate future are condoned to have separate study, kitchen garden, storage room, powder room, contactless elevators, and home automation systems.


Transition at the level of perception – Down-grade from Luxury to Comfort

Demand for extra space – Storage space

Demand for changes in space layout and placements

Demand for IoT and Automation – Interconnected articles (consumer discretionaries)


The situation demands the developers to replicate office environments at home. So much so, corresponding paraphernalia like high-speed WiFi and broadband connectivity, air conditioning, power back-up, and privacy are expected to see a renewed demand as a follow up to “work from home” culture increasing in the coming days.


Demand for an office environment and associated infrastructure – Situational Compulsion


Recent research has brought out that IT and enabled services spend around $500-$800 a year on an individual’s transport, workspace comforts, and office rental. The increasing trend of “work from home” has turned out to be a boon for these companies to cut down on their overhead costs. Some firms have also started providing allowances for their employees to set up office spaces at their homes to cope up with job-related commitments.


The trend to persist for longer – “Work from Home” – Benefits to reap!!!???


There seems to be a newfound demand for self-sufficient homes, which doubles up as office spaces if need be. Off late self-reliance is prioritized to avoid any incidents of contamination taking a toll. This has made the developers rethink their strategy to provision for all new-age-related facilities for ease of living.


Self-reliance increases the demand for IoT, Automation, and other related technologies.


Self-sufficiency enables self-work – less demand for house-keeping personnel – more demand for tech devices and other tech-enabled articles – a necessity for space optimization in the existing infrastructure– “less space more life”.


Some developers have also thought of introducing kitchen garden spaces for the dwellers to grow their own vegetables from the comfort of their homes. There is also a demand for storage rooms to stock supplies for a month or two to tie over the challenges of present times.


Storage spaces have become a necessity – a part of behavioral changes – an offshoot of the pandemic.


Developers are also made to think over the materials they shall use in present times. Like doors and window panels that shall insulate the home interiors from sound and dust. As the time spent in the homes have substantially increased off late.


New age materials for interiors are gaining traction – this provides an opportunity for creating flexible-spaces in available infrastructure.


Developers have learned some hard lessons from the prevailing pandemic. The feeling of uncertainty and fear among the people has made them think on the lines of being future-ready. Homes being the natural extension of the dwellers, the demand for future-ready homes has also considerably increased.


“Future-ready home”

IoT – Automation

Optimum space layout – flex-spaces

New age materials


De-densification is fast catching up in social interactions. Any strategic intervention shall strive for space optimization and efficient utility. Nowadays, health and hygiene are prioritized over accommodating as many people as possible. More so, it has become necessary to reduce contact with elevator, elevator buttons, door handles, and other common utility surfaces. Hence contactless mechanisms and alternatives shall be put in place immediately.


Remodeling homes – Strategies Alternatives


Washroom or a powder room as an antecedent structure to the living room, right next to the entrance for the visitors to keep up the hygiene intact. Having a standalone space for placing washing cubicles outside the houses serves the purpose of hygiene.


Demand for changes in space layout and placements


New home buyers showing interest in owning 3-BHK apartments and above over small denominations are a trend that is fast unfolding. Increased space is destined for office-related purposes and other professional utilities. If extra space is drawn out flexibly then it could also be used as a kid’s play area.


Optimum space layout – flex-spaces

Demand for expansive spaces


It is fortunate that the response to changed realities in terms of structural layouts, architectural designs, and the application of new-age materials are no costly affair. Even though one has to incur an added cost, it doesn’t seem to be a burden on one’s pocket for the benefit it offers in return.


Cost-benefit analysis – benefits are stacked up in the property owner’s favor

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