Kudlu Project

The building sits on an expanse of 1350 sq.ft. in Kudlu, Bengaluru. It has 23 units layered up in 5 storeys. The property is east facing. Natural light is sufficiently available for all the units in the building. Each floor houses a common central area and an elevator. The entire site area has been optimally utilised to provide for sufficient usable spaces for all independent units.


At the ground floor the project has 3 units of full-fledged houses with 1 bedroom, hall, common toilet cum bathroom and a kitchen. Provision is made for security personnel to sit and monitor the entire building with the aid of CCTV’S all through the day. It also has all the paraphernalia pertaining to electricity, elevator and water connections.


First floor has 4 units, of which 3 units are full-fledged houses with 1 bedroom, hall, common toilet cum bathroom and a kitchen. Another unit is a studio apartment with one room, common toilet cum bathroom and a kitchen.


From the second to fourth floor the building has 4 units of full-fledged houses with 1 bedroom, hall, common toilet cum bathroom and a kitchen. The units that are facing the main road are provisioned with European style balconies as a natural extension from their respective apartments.


There is a terrace over the fourth floor which shall be used for common utility purposes. Some portions of the terrace is also transformed into a recreational space for the dwellers to host small ceremonies and for the kids and elders to play some indoor games in their free times.


The materials used in this building are of optimum standards and reliable quality. The cost structure for this project broadly falls under the standard package offered by the Housing Factory for turnkey construction projects. Please refer to pricing options by Housing Factory for turnkey construction to gain clarity over prospective cost structures.


Roof Concrete Mold


It was important for us to find a contractor with superior craftsmanship and with a total commitment to client service. We found all of these attributes in Housing Factory. Their attention to detail at the bid-phase, in particular, was a meaningful investment and paid off as the project unfolded. 


I was completely impressed and amazed how neat and organized the renovation areas were kept at all times throughout the renovations. Everyone associated with Housing Factory was courteous and professional. All workers were prompt and beyond capable.


I cannot recommend Housing Factory highly enough to those that may be looking for someone to build the building of their dreams as well!


Throughout the process, their dedication to the project insured that the renovations were completed on time, within budget and to the standard of execution expected. A critical element to the completion of our project was the quality of the material Housing Factory selects. They have equally high expectations of the quality of their work, including respect for our home and property.


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