Bommasandra Duplex

The house stands on a plot area of 1,200 Sq. ft. facing east, flattening to a 40 feet road. The built-up area is a respectable 2,400 Sq. ft. The design of this house was conceived keeping in mind the basic contours of Vastu. It was planned in 3 levels, ground, first, second  over and above with an open terrace and a small room covering 650 sq.ft.


The ground floor is provided with a small room covering 450 sq.ft. and the rest is kept for parking vehicles and for common utility requirements. The space is covered with Aluminium Composite Panels concealing steel framed gates that naturally assimilates into the overall elevation and facade of the building, while they necessitates opening and closing of the space.


The first floor is kept completely for office use. The interiors have been done in such a way to harmonise with the rest of the house. The materials used for the office space is co-synchronous with other areas of the house.


The second floor accommodates all typical spaces encompassing the entrance with an adjacent walk-through area, foyer running into common living space, standalone pooja room, dining space as an innate adjunct to kitchen area, a master bedroom and a staircase making way for the third floor. These spaces are devised in a way to sync in harmony, while they preserve their discrete essence.


The third floor is composed of two bedrooms. All two bedrooms have their own walk-in wardrobes and attached bathrooms for aesthetics and for functional convenience. It also has a common family space and a study area that glides and amalgamates into the portico. The veranda is highlighted with steel and glass demarcates, presenting a perfect contrast to the stone cladding edge-vertical facade as an indispensable aesthetic profile.


The fourth floor is fledged with one separate bedroom which resembles other personal rooms forming a thorough synchrony across the building. The remaining portion of the floor is kept for a terrace. The flooring for the terrace is done with rough tiles and a shelter is provided in front of the room while it also covers substantial portions of the terrace.


The edge-vertical facade with sandal-red cladding stones provide for refreshing outlook, contrasting it with steel and glass demarcates makes it a well-balanced multi-layered elevation.


The materials used in the house are minimal and elegant looking. The flooring is mostly kept in white and beige using orange tinge colour granites and pristine white marble with complementary grains on the stone to ensure continuity to furniture, ceilings and wall details which are finished in claddings and textures with wood linings and walnut coloured aluminium composite panels.


Lighting plays a major role in this house. Natural lights gushing through made-way adobes and windows set the mood to the house during the day, while at night’s artificial lights positioned to showcase the design elements of the house interiors not only illuminate but also creates warmth inside the house.


Some of the interior details like wood cladding, fall ceiling, metal, and stone details on walls have brought forth natural and earthy looks to the spaces. The staircase curtained with glass, steel railings and wooden finished straps provides step-ladder passages along the common areas and personal spaces at different levels.


Concrete-raiden finishers have been used on floors and walls to achieve a seamless finish on the surfaces. Metal finishes have also been given mostly to absorb light and eject reflections. The facade of this house is inspired by designs mostly seen in continental Europe. That necessitated the use of sandal red cladding stones for exterior cladding, infused with some artificial slits to show the slices of illumination oozing out to space. This lighting arrangement in the facade reveals depth in architectural details by creating a strong exterior presence making the residence stand out.

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