The time required to construct a house

by | Oct 18, 2020

Homes are not just a composition borne out of brick and mortar. Instead, is a reflection of our personalities and which glues us with our fondest ones.


For many, building their own house is a long-standing ambition, and one does everything possible to turn their dream into reality. Whether it is choosing the best and suitable design, gleaning out the apt materials, and decorating the house with the finest furniture and artifacts, one would hardly take a chance. Building a home is a delicate process that demands paramount attention and utmost focus all through.


Ironically, building a home is both an annoying and rewarding process. No surprise that people are attentive for every minutest possible aspect before undertaking the decision to build a home



Factors responsible for deciding the duration of constructing a house in India:


The moment we start constructing, the daunting tasks of getting right and suitable materials, effectively managing the labor force, and ensuring complete paperwork stare at our face. Constructing a house is an amalgamation of many factors, if given necessary attention at the outset, the process of building a house appears less cumbersome and one can be confident of completing the house construction faster and in a cost-efficient manner.




The choice of location is a function of plot prices, access to basic amenities nearby, and closeness to the place of work. The location also substantially influences the speed at which the construction is done. The availability of materials and Convenience in commutation for laborers shall determine the pace of construction.




Building a house certainly calls for a considerable amount of money, but indeed a worthy investment. Every aspect of construction is entangled with the budget in one way or the other. The budget influences the kind and numbers of laborers to employ and the kind of machineries to deploy at the construction sites, by and large ensuring better quality construction. Regular and prompt payments by the house owner to the contractor also play its part in ensuring accelerated completion.



An efficient builder and a staunch workforce ensure a smooth construction process. It is highly recommendable to sieve through past records and well-documented portfolio of contractors before deciding on handing over the project.


Government compliance and paperwork


Once the decisions over plot location, required budget, and suitable contractor are decided, the critical task that awaits one’s time is acquiring relevant approvals from the state authority. The compliance like floor plan sanctions from the city municipality and payments of any dues over the property to a relevant authority is a must. This endeavor of acquiring permissions and approvals may stretch from two weeks to a month.


Home Designs


Any design related aspects like waterproofing, flooring painting, fabrication, windows fittings, sanitary fitting and last minute finishing works is very time consuming and at the same time very cost intensive. The time that is required for design related activities is approximately 3 to 4 months depending on the complexities involved in designs and materials used to bring forth the design envisaged. The aforementioned works are very delicate and require good quality workmanship and reliable skills. Getting the right skilled persons at this stage is critical.


Time required to build a house in 30 by 40 plot size (Ground floor alone – About 1000 sq ft)


Surrounding environment will play a critical role alongside the size and style of construction. Immediate environment will decide the time consumed to construct the house. Going by the Industry experience, a single family with an average size of 1000 square feet will approximately consume approximately 4 to 5 months from start to completion. While the approximations vary depending upon other considerations. While one sticks to tried and tested templates, as far as layout and designs are concerned, one can expect a faster completion of construction within 5 months as estimated. With increase in number of storeys, there is a proportional increase in time consumed for putting up extra structure. It is estimated that each storey will take approximately one and half to two months for its completion, Including both civil and interiors.


Time required to build a house in 30 by 40 plot size (Ground floor + 1 floor – About 2000 sq ft)


A house with a single storey will take less time as compared to a house which is built on approximately 2000 square feet with multiple storeys. By approximation, the ground floor along with two or three floors will stretch the time by approximately three to four months. Increase in the time taken for construction is a function of, the number of storeys erected, complexity of the design elements, aesthetics, decoration and the application of New-Age materials.


Typically a house with 2000 square feet is expected to have two or more floors. This would inherently mean that the construction process tends to take a longer time. Alongside the construction of walls, pillars and stairs, Structural and architectural sophistication will have a bearing on the time taken and cost incurred for construction.


If one can expect that the labourers work for 48 hours per week, a 2000 square feet house with two stories can be erected within approximately 8 to 12 months. It may also go up to 18 to 24 months depending on the complexities involved in materials and aesthetics.


Time Required to Build a House in 30 by 40 Plot Size (GroundFloor + 2 – About 3000 Square Feet)

It is common to assume that building a bigger house which spans across 3000 square feet will definitely increase the time and resources required. Importance of strengthening the foundation and structural elements of a building which has a ground floor along with two floors on the top is of utmost necessity.


External factors like that of whether, unavailability of materials, labour issues will also play a very important role insofar as ensuring a faster completion of a project by 14 to 18 months as expected. But it is always difficult for a 3000 square feet house with two to three storeys to complete within 20 months given a lot of Complexities involved. It is realistic to assume that the work related to interiors will approximately take around 2-3 months at the least.


Expected Situations


The above discussed approximations are just estimations. However, one can easily consider an Year and a half to ensue construction and see through its completion. But there are always unforeseeable situations that may Prop up anytime, which might potentially put a break on the speed of construction. Situations might be in the form of defects in materials Procured, unskilled labourers, delays in acquiring government permissions, unavailability of materials and public works Convened by the local municipalities. Most importantly, delays in the payments ought to be serviced by the client on pre-scheduled dates and discrepancies related to loan clearances substantially impact the construction process. Unprecedented circumstances like the covid-19 outbreak could be a potential cause of concern in so far as adhering to the project timelines are Concerned.


While it is quite natural for a house owner to be on his toes to see his dreams come true at the earliest. but it is always advisable, to give the time its due and see the construction go in slow and steady fashion, but take a perfect shape as desired.

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