BESCOM -Electricity Connection process in Bengaluru

BESCOM - Temporary Electrical connection is one of the essential step for construction of  house.   BESCOM  takes 30-days for new installation to be serviced after receiving the application,provided all details and documents required are furnished on time without...

Comparing projects while making home buying decisions

What shall be at the forefront of one’s mind while choosing a project to buy a house is nothing short of an arduous task. This article helps one to take an optimum decision while purchasing a property.   An organized residential real estate provides for a...

Best buy to buy a house

Owning a home will instil a sense of emotional security, financial affluence, and reflects the keystone of wealth. Indeed, owning a house will be on top of the minds of many, especially given the prevailing situation. But somewhere the ardent desire to own a house was...

Impact of Covid-19 on property prices in India

It has sent a chill in the spine for many developers in India post the announcement from the union minister for industry and commerce Piyush Goyal, necessitating the developers to dispose of their finished properties at depressed prices and to grow lean on high-priced...

Safety measures to follow while buying a property

Acquiring a piece of property in India is a risky affair. One will certainly run the risk of being cheated in various ways. The sector in India has grown leaps and bounds. Its growth has brought with it certain complications. With the pandemic at our back, a lot many...

Real Estate: A sneak peak into the future

India’s real estate sector has always been a hard-nut to crack. It is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride with its unexpected rise and fall, for anybody who insists to be part of this landscape. One but not deny accepting the influence the technology is exerting...

Thorough guidelines for purchasing a plot in India

Real estate is a precarious business to indulge. Choosing and picking the right property involves tremendous Sieving processes. The entire process becomes hassle-free only if the suitable and relevant information about the prospective properties are available at your...

The time required to construct a house

Homes are not just a composition borne out of brick and mortar. Instead, is a reflection of our personalities and which glues us with our fondest ones.   For many, building their own house is a long-standing ambition, and one does everything possible to turn...

Affordable housing in India

Affordable housing is the new buzz word in Indian real estate. Especially after the clarion call from our prime minister about “Housing for All”, affordable housing has gained renewed traction. Affordable housing is construed to be an offshoot of innovative...

Trend that will shape real estate in India

The coming days are expected to be more promising for both developers and home buyers. It is expected that the growth in the industry will revive to its erstwhile state, while we put the menace of the pandemic on the back burner.   The real estate industry is in...

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