Why you should hire an architect for your house??

by | March 08, 2022


Building a house is a dream for many in India. But it is complicated because of many rules and regulations such as zoning laws, municipality permissions, designing options, site dimensions, contractors, and many more. Besides hiring contractors, you have to brainstorm about a lot of things. You cannot handle it all alone, from customizing your home design and determining your electrical needs to assessing the exact square footage.


That is why you need professional help. An experienced architect supervises the entire construction process to ensure you get the most bang out of your buck. So, here are the top reasons why you should hire an architect for your house construction..


Who is an architect?


An architect is a trained professional with experience in designing residential, commercial, or non-residential constructions. Unlike contractors, architects have a bigger vision for your house. They don’t just monitor the construction process; instead make your home functional, practical, and aesthetically appealing..


Architects can assist you in building a house from scratch, remodeling, or adding to it. They coordinate with all the stakeholders for a well- designed and well-structured home within your financial limitations and stipulated time period.


6 reasons to hire an architect


1. Architects save your money.


There is a common misconception that hiring an architect is an additional investment. Hiring an architect is instead a wise investment for your house in the following ways:

  • Architects initially plan and design the building on paper for accurate pricing. A prior and well-planned construction is more economical and efficient. Architects try to finalize the entire construction design and structure on paper to avoid mistakes on site.
  • Architects design energy-efficient houses. Energy-efficient residences allow a lot of natural lighting into the house. They suggest using energy-efficient materials to build extreme weather resilient homes. It helps you reduce electricity bills
  • Architects give you a quote well before the construction. They ensure that your construction price doesn’t overshoot. They select efficient raw materials for durability within your budget range. They coordinate between different construction departments to ensure everything goes according to initial plans.
  • Architects assist you in choosing raw materials or finishes that are both durable and visually appealing. With their familiarity in designing, architects know how to balance painting and lighting to create a spacious and bright look with minimum resources.
  • Good designs sell for better resale value. Hence, hiring an architect increases your construction value without having to spend much.

    2. Architects design according to your lifestyle


    Unlike contractors, architects take into consideration all your requirements. An architect’s responsibility is to design a layout that reflects your vision.


    They design each room with utmost precision after discussing all your preferences. They consider your family’s size, everyone’s needs and interests, lifestyles,and designations—Architects design a fully functional and practical room tailored to every individual’s taste.


    3. Architects coordinate between different departments.


    Construction is divided into different departments for streamlined and fast-paced work—for example, electricity, plumbing, painting, woodwork, etc. Architects coordinate with the contractor and other departments to keep everyone on the same page with designing and timing.

    They track and supervise each department's construction and designing progress to avoid tearing out or redos.


    4. Architects finish the construction in stipulated timeline


    Constructing a house is a complex task that requires coordination between multiple departments. Most of the time, contractors don’t hand over your project on time.


    However, architects chalk out a plan and a timeline to avoid construction delays. They hand over the finished project on time for your house warming ceremony


    5. Architects take care of municipality permissions.


    Every municipal area has different rules and regulations for different types of construction. A lot of paperwork, documentation and municipal permissions are required to start your construction. Without these permissions, your property will be invalidated, and it may incur an additional fine for not complying with the regulations.


    Since architects operate in this field, they know all the documentation required to avoid future issues. Hence, architects make sure they meet all municipal requirements. They ensure all your house and municipal permission documents are rock solid


    6. Architects meet all administrative regulations to avoid issues in the future.


    All residential, commercial, and industrial constructions must abide by the local municipal regulations. Architects must submit the blueprints of the building to the city authorities. They should be approved and sanctioned before starting the construction.


    You may not be aware of all the municipal rules. Hence, an architect can guide you through all the government regulations. They make sure your house conforms to all the safety norms and government regulations to avoid administrative issues later.




    Building a house is a messy and overwhelming task. Construction without professional help is not a wise idea. It is essential to seek expert architects’ help to avoid budget overshoots, construction and design disasters, and building delays.


    Are you looking for an architect for your new house in Bangalore? Housing Factory has been working in the construction field for over 4 years. We have successfully handled well-reputed projects and delivered them on time to the owners. We will assist you through every stage of your house construction. Contact us now for a FREE quote.


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    1. What is the role of an architect in constructing a house?

      Architects play an essential role in constructing a house. From site inspection, municipal permissions, 3D designing of the constructions to final finishing, an architect monitors and supervises the entire construction process.


    3. How to find the best architect in Bangalore?
    4. Find out the previous projects, success rate, and reputation of the construction companies in Bangalore before choosing an architect. Housing factory has handled many reputed construction projects and holds 4 years of experience constructing residential houses


    5. What should I expect from my architect?
    6. Be clear about your budget range, site specifications, and housing features. Communicate everything upfront. An experienced architect will understand your requirements and design a functional house within your budget range.


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