11 Important vastu tips before building a house

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House is not just a long-term investment in India but a precious asset, especially when it is your first house, the emotional bond can’t be put into words. To many people in India, home is more than a commercial investment, more than bricks and mortar. That is why you see a lot of thought and science going into residential constructions. Vastu is one such science most Indians ensure in their residential houses before building one.


Vastu is an ancient science related to architecture. It defines some basic norms of architecture to ensure happy and peaceful life in your dream house. Most Indians make sure their houses are built as per vastu norms.


Are you building a new house? Do you believe in vastu? Then you should know some basic vastu tips to ensure that you are building a house that is vastu-compliant. So, if you are building a house, here are some practical vastu tips for your new home.


  1. Pattern of the room

    According to vastu shastra, all rooms should either be rectangular or square in shape. Irregular patterns like L or circular are suggested against. The length and breadth of a room too shouldn’t exceed that of the entire length and breadth of the house.



  3. Main door entrance

    Vastu shastra emphasizes a lot on main door entrance of a house. East and north east entrances are two common and mostly preferred main entrances in vastu. Although the other directions are not restricted, they are least preferred compared to east and northeast.


    It also suggests that the pattern of the main door should be in rectangular shape. In addition to the pattern, vastu shastra also suggests the opening direction of the doors should always be in the inward direction and never in the outward direction.


  5. Ventilation

    Indian architectural science rather takes a practical approach when it comes to ventilation of the house. It suggests that a house should be built with maximum ventilation to allow enough sunlight and air in to the house.


  7. Pooja Room

    Pooja Room holds significance in almost every Hindu’s home. There are pretty elaborate measures one should take when planning a pooja room in their house. Pooja Room should never be constructed beside, above, or even below restrooms. It is also suggested that you construct the pooja room in such a way so that it faces the east direction.


  9. Kitchen

    Kitchen holds as much significance in a Hindu’s household as the pooja room. There are as many vastu rules when it comes to construction of kitchen in the house. It is often suggested that kitchen should be constructed in the southeast direction.


  11. Bedroom

    Although there are as many vastu rules for bedrooms as well, making sure that you arrange the bed in your bedroom such that you head towards east and south while sleeping would suffice. No house can be 100% vastu compliant. Hence, you don’t have to take care of every minute detail of vastu. Adhering to some basic norms is enough to make sure your house is vastu compliant.


  13. Don’t move into the house before the construction is entirely completed

    Various sources of Hindu traditions suggest not moving into a house that is half constructed or whose construction is not completely finished. It is also believed that a house’s construction should be constructed within a year from the beginning of the construction.


  15. During construction process

    The east direction is deemed to be auspicious and bring good results for the households. Hence, it is suggested to start the construction from the east direction first and gradually progress towards north.


  17. Water resources

    If possible, you can take care of the vastu of water resources in your home. For example, water tanks should be located in northeast direction for more prosperous vastu affects on the house and households.


  19. Shape of the house

    Indian residential houses have always been in either rectangular shape or square shape. That is because of the vastu norms. It suggests rectangular and square shaped houses over other shapes like circular, oval, or any other shapes.


  21. Groundlevel

    Both vastu shastra and Hindu priests suggest that houses be build at a particular level above from the ground. In addition to the traditional reasoning, it is scientific to build houses at a level higher than the ground to avoid rainwater blockage etc during rainy seasons



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    It is widely believed that vastu plays a significant role in ensuring the well-being and peace of the residents of a house. However, not every house is 100% vastu-compliant. If you are a firm believer of vastu, these are some basic tips to ensure your new house is vastu compliant.


    Not everyone believes in vastu. And you don’t necessarily have to apply every single vastu norm to your house. But, the majority believes that ensuring vastu in your residential house helps you capture the good vibes and energy in your house. So, if you believe that vastu can ensure a pleasant household for you, it is good to ensure that your house is compliant with some fundamental vastu norms.




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